Her music is a collection of lyrical and warm piano jazz performed in such a trustworthy and inviting way, it feels like you have a new friend. 

Frank Hammersland, Big Dipper

Close to Shore is Maren Selvaag’s debut album as a composer, pianist and band leader. It was recorded in the legendary Avatar Studios in Manhattan together with Eric McPherson (drums) and Eivind Opsvik (bass). It received excellent critics from Norway to Japan. 


A promising and most personal trio album  Fredrik Wandrup/Wandrups utvalgte, Dagbladet 

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Big Dipper (vinyl)


Worth the wait. Close to Shore complete with professionality. The trio makes a solid frame for Selvaag’s compositions, and they are great at giving each other room to play. The greatest star here is Selvaag’s pianoplaying with both intensity and presence. Melodic and inviting. Ando Woltmann, Jazznytt

Her music is made in such a trustworthy way, it feels like you have a new friend   

This duality, from perfection on one side to the quivering excitement and playfulness on the other, is perhaps what makes her playing so beautiful. A dreamy and natural way of improvising. She impresses with both maturity in her phrasing and suppleness in her kicks Per Arne Rosnes Jr. Dagens Næringsliv